16-Week Guided Program

This easy-to-follow 16-week program is the approach to managing your weight that you’ve been looking for – it meets you where you are and guides you towards your weight loss goals on your terms, at your pace.

You will form new healthy habits, change old behaviors one at a time and find true joy in eating, in moving, and in life.





Scaled Fitness Options

Nutritional Expertise

Psychological Insights

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Scaled fitness options based on where you are in your fitness journey

Our Move Well videos feature workout modifications that permit every fitness and mobility level to participate fully so you can begin to make real progress towards your weight loss goals.

Many people find certain movements and exercises more challenging, so the 3 levels allow you to customize a workout based on your own level and confidence.




Send unhealthy eating behaviors on permanent vacation

We address some of the underlying reasons for unhealthy eating and behaviors with our Eat Well videos.

Over the 16-week program, you will develop a deep understanding of how a healthy diet is critical to weight loss success and learn how to prepare delicious recipes you will truly enjoy.




“I could barely walk and needed wheelchair assistance. Now I feel restored, exhilarated, and alive. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Lorraine Furtner
Hilton Head Health ONDEMAND Subscriber

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